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V-The Ultimate Variety Show

V-The Ultimate Variety Show The intro to this story will be shared in another blog post. Suffice it to say here, my connection, was able to get us comp tickets to the following shows. I am forever grateful for his … Continue reading

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PCSing, when it doesn’t fit at the new place: books

While this title could include so many things I decided to add books to the end. I collect books. The free ones that the library is throwing away. The cheapos in the bargain bin. Hand me downs from friends. You … Continue reading

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Twitter or blogging

I decided I don’t like updating my facebook status because sometimes its just for me, an addendum to my profile, if you will.  Not something I particularly care for the world to know but there to make me feel like … Continue reading

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5 dollar pitcher Movie Reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine

This movie is utterly ridiculous from the get go. Some almost-40s guys (John Cusack, etc. ) decide to party it up one more time for old time’s sake in what was an awesome place in their 80’s high school days … Continue reading

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Athena’s birth: to the ER, Stat!

It all started about 9 pm last night.  The tension was building in the back of my skull, like a ring from ear to ear along my hairline. As time went on it continued to move along my head and … Continue reading

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