Vegas!- The Show

Vegas!- The Show

VEGAS! the Show

This is a must-see! The entire show was phenomenal from start to finish. It opens up with a maintenance guy working at the Neon Museum- another must see here in Vegas, and since we have been there, we already had a personal link to this show. This show had something or someone on all levels of the builds and across the stage. Colors popped, a real band (more of an orchestra, really) was all over the sets as well. Sometimes they were on the stage, sometimes in a window cut-out, sometimes way up on a rooftop. The variety was amazing. The wide walkway was even utilized to bring some of the dancers and singers out into the crowd, engaging everyone. To see what I mean, check out

There was the Rat Pack, the famous Vegas Showgirls (family show? It is Vegas, baby. Or was, which is the point of this show!), Sony and Cher, Elton John, the list goes on.  And being a local, and an archaeologist, some of the history tossed in here or there may have fallen on the visitors’ ears as, oh, that’s neat, and forgotten.  But I had been to some of those places, heard the history from locals, seen the old newspaper clippings. This was a great addition to the entertainment, and of course, the reason behind the who, the what, the where, and the when, including the story of segregation in the world of performance.

A few of the Variety acts were also in Vegas! The roller skating duo, the tap dancing brothers; all amazing and totally worth being a part of both shows. This was great. If a family can only hit up one show while in town, Vegas! it is.

This show was over the top and then some. The stage seemed to expand exponentially to fit the musicians and the dancers and the singers and the costume changes- cute effect with the brides, I laughed out loud. As a matter of fact, my face hurt from a full night of enjoyable entertainment. This is an excellent show and we have recommended it, just as with Variety, to everyone since.

This also had a long line to get in with general admission, a photo op, and a meet n’ greet at the end. The line was pretty fast moving but finding seating for groups was hard; the employees were running around trying to accommodate. They deserve a hearty, Thank You, you are all amazing, from management-if not more, but let’s be honest here, sometimes getting that is amazing. Being just two of us we were able to get quick seats along with wide walkway. This was maybe not so hot, we felt like missed much of the fancy foot work floor show, although we did see the feet on the tap dancers… But we will definitely be back!  And standing in line from the get-go to get the best view.

Who knows, maybe having a head in the way would have cut out more of the show. Actually, our seats allowed us the see the whole stage, at all levels, including an upfront and personal interaction from one of the dancers on the walkabout, so maybe this was a blessing in disguise. The final WOW was that as we filed out, one of the singer/dancers was walking right behind me! I told him it was a great show and we chitchatted on the way down the steps to the meet and greet section. How cool is that! We will definitely be back to Vegas!

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