A Novel Review, pun intended

Well, I have been putting off this blogging for long enough!

I must thank Vicki Hinze, acclaimed author and wonderful person, for giving me the friendly bump I needed to leave the safe Notes of facebook and push headlong into the real world of blogging. After all, I have been published so it’s about time.  Thanks, Vicki!

You can find her blogs and works at www.vickihinze.com

I also want to thank Lee Thomas, president, and Jan Campbell, vice president, of the Emerald Coast Writers. ECW is a non-profit group dedicated to developing and supporting aspiring writers of all skill levels, backgrounds, and genres.  As a true friend, Lee helped me to climb out of the shell I had created for myself after my husband deployed.  Plans were underway for the 7th Annual Emerald Coast Writers Conference and Lee knew I would help her and the gang move it through the paces smoothly. What I didn’t know was that a whole new chapter in my saga would be unfolding, literally.

Lee dragged me along, including me in everything possible,  and Jan was my kick into motivation: Ok, it’s done, you’re in, now lets get cracking! And write something! To this I would just chuckle and introduce a new idea into the mix of plans. But I actually did. Through ECW I was put in touch with and met Vicki Hinze. She was a fellow military wife! This was the inspiration of my first work of art – don’t tell my mother, she still believes it was the drawing that was selected for display at an art institute.  And I am still very proud of that. But this, this, had potential to fail.  It was from the heart. Personal.  Submitted for publication, where as the drawing was chosen and awarded as a total surprise.  My peers and locals would see this.  People whom I would have to look in the eye and say, yup, it’s mine. And she, Vicki Hinze, who has had 2o novels, three non-fictions, and hundreds of articles published, took time out of her life to help me. Time and again.  Skill and craft are evident, but this lady has the personality to boot!

They all do, each and every member of Emerald Coast Writers were warmly welcoming and were genuinely excited for me as I started out on this new journey of self exploration. Jumping head long was an understatement when the group offered the position of Publicity Chair. Prior to the honor, I was asking has this been done, no? Then I can do it. I’ll let you know when I hear back. It just came naturally.  I am indebted as much to them an they may concede such to me. Their beautiful website was such a help and each time a member has news it goes on Bragging Writes and shows up on the the home page, http://www.emeraldcoastwriters.org. They are also more recently on facebook. Bare with me, I’m learning that, too!

My hometown paper, that which I grew up with, the Town Crier, published the article I wrote regarding my connection with Vicki Hinze. Thank you to the staff there!

Finally, I must thank Sandy at the Military Voice and Community News, who has published three of my articles.   I have been reading this paper for years to wile away the hours and learn about happenings in my community. Now I am helping others to do the same! You helped me to break into the biz. I thank you always, Sandy!

And so, here I am, blogging.  My plan is to keep this interesting, using it as a baseboard for my musings, a place to share my thoughts on various topics, pass on a fun fact or two, and display my published works. Maybe not even in that order.

About Writing War Bride

I rock many jobs, usually all at once. Very gratefully, I have stayed in Archaeology and Writing through many moves around the country. Fingers crossed it stays feasts longer than famine and that it rains more than pours. I have been a technical writer and an Ensurer of esprit de corps, among many other things. Add Free Lance Writer, one time Publicity Chair and current Treasurer of non-profits in to the mix. Can't forget to thank the Military for my lifestyle and those willing to hire a military spouse. Always remember to bloom where you are planted!
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